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October 22, 2008

Pete Michaud: Back from Cleveland and Hamilton

Hello, fans! Well, the Admirals are back from their first road trip of the year, having claimed a win in Cleveland and a loss in Hamilton. While the 13-hour bus ride home from Ontario wasn?t exactly a joy, it was still nice to see some different cities and arenas.

The team left for the trip to Cleveland at 11pm on a Wednesday. The first trip of the year is always important for claiming a prime bunk on the sleeper bus. Veterans have first choice, with rookies getting the last pick. Brandon Bochenski was the last on the bus, but enjoyed the luxury of reclaiming the bunk he had 2 years ago when he was here. Yes, it?s nice to be one of the older guys! The coaches and staff always sit/sleep up front, while most of the veterans tend to migrate to the very back.

Our venture into Cleveland was the first for Norfolk in more than 5 years. The building is a first class facility with maybe the largest scoreboard I?ve ever seen. Some of the guys also had a chance to see LeBron James in the building the morning of the game.

Hamilton was unique. The building is much older, with a catwalk up in the rafters leading to the press box. I had a chance to see former Admiral Pierre Parenteau there. He?s still with Hartford. They had played there the night before.

Speaking of the Wolfpack, the Hartford team bus was right next to ours at the border crossing coming back into the states. When you have a group of nearly 30 people, most of them from outside of the U.S., trying to get across the border, there?s bound to be some sort of a glitch or two. So, I suppose it wasn?t so bad that it took us about an hour and 45 minutes to finally get across the border. Amazingly, we didn?t even have to show passports getting in to Canada! It was maybe more disappointing to some of the guys that we missed a chance to stop at the ?duty free? shop.

Well,?it?s time to get ready to head out again. We?re off the Rockford and then to Grand Rapids. It will be the first time we fly in several years.

Another blog entry comes up soon, and we?ll see you at Scope next week!


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